Tech paradise: a look at Shenzhen's electronics market

29 August 2017

In less than forty years, Shenzhen has transformed from a humble fishing village into one of the world's leading 'tech towns'. Now a booming city with more than 11 million residents, Shenzhen is home to hundreds of electronics manufacturers (including Foxconn), giving the region the not-undeserved nickname of ‘China’s Silicon Valley’.

But if you're an electronics aficionado, there's one area of Shenzhen you may be especially curious about: Huaqiangbei. The district has become near-legendary in the gadget world, and with good reason.

Welcome to Huaqiangbei

The Huaqiangbei district is a global hardware super hub, bringing together countless branded and third-party stores, factory outlets, and wholesale markets. The kilometre-long main walk runs from Huaqiang Road Station through to SEG Plaza, and is the go-to area for mobile and electronics buyers.

In addition to chain retailers such as Suning, you’ll find smaller stand-alone sellers, plus official company outlets – including Huawei’s stylish Shenzhen flagship store, pictured below.

SEG Electronics Market

The centrepiece of the area – and the focus of our visit – is, of course, the famed SEG Electronics Market. Attached to the SEG Plaza skyscraper, the Market is eight floors of tech nirvana, with countless stalls selling everything from parts and components to fully-finished products and accessories.

Essentially, the Market exists as a kind of permanent trade show for vendors and factories looking to make wholesale deals with engineers and manufacturers. But if you’re an individual on the hunt for a specific item, you can still grab single units of any product that takes your fancy.

Walk into the market’s ground floor, and you’re surrounded by dozens of small, but fully-stocked booths offering the very latest in device parts and general geekery. Work your way around the stalls themselves, the component-filled cardboard boxes lining the walkways, and the customers, sellers and children milling around each booth, and you’ll see that the first floor is just one of many.

Products on offer are vaguely organised by floor, with levels one and two selling general electronic components. Ascend to the third floor to find camera equipment and products, level four for the (again vague) communications/computers/digital products section, and the fifth and sixth floors for HQ-LED products (and a food court).

Word on the internet is that, with the right expertise and patience, a savvy buyer can acquire all the parts needed to build their very own bootleg iPhone from the Market. And even as an English speaker, the floors were fairly easy to navigate, and it’s possible to browse booths quietly without being accosted by pushy vendors.

Tips for visitors

If you do make the trip in the hopes of grabbing a great deal, there’s some things to be aware of. Obviously, language can be a barrier for foreign buyers; however, negotiations can be made with sellers via calculators and a shake or nod of the head.

Unfortunately, even if you’re prepared to haggle, Western customers do tend to be charged slightly more for products compared to local buyers, especially if you’re not picking up wholesale items. The good news is that vendors do accept both cash and cards, and in some cases even US dollars.

Regarding the products themselves: knock-offs are unsurprisingly rampart, so if you’re intent on real-deal items only, double check before buying. Even if you find brand-name items such as phones, you may run into problems if gadget settings are pre-programmed in Mandarin and locked.

Customers who do inadvertently pick up a Chinese-language item may be charged an additional fee by vendors to unlock the device and switch the settings to English. And if your purchase is faulty or not what you expected, too bad: refunds or returns are definitely not provided. Bummer.

WhistleOut travelled to Shenzhen as a guest of Huawei. 

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