What you need to know about NBN status at your address

16 August 2017

When you run an internet search on WhistleOut using your address, our clever search engine checks for an NBN connection and reports back information directly from nbn.

There are several different messages you might see, so we thought it’d be a good idea to explain what each message is communicating.

Important note about NBN Status

Be aware, that NBN provides us with this information, and in the majority of cases it is correct. However, we know that sometimes you will receive a message that NBN is connected to your home when it may not be. If you encounter this, and need more information, please contact NBN directly.

If you've received an email from WhistleOut, you'll have seen one of the following messages:

1. Planned

This is a general message for all homes where work has not yet commenced for the NBN rollout in your area. The date range is an estimation from NBN for when it expects to have your home connected.

2. In Progress 

Work has commenced in your area. Refer to the associated date to see when NBN plans to have the work completed by.

3. Available Soon

Based on the timeline provided by NBN, you are now six months away from the NBN being available at your address. This is a great time to take a look at plans and consider your options.

4. Available 

This is our favourite message. You'll see this when the NBN reports that work has been completed at your address and you can contact a service provider to have a new NBN service activated.

If you've searched for your address in our Broadband Search Engine, you'll see one of the following status messages:

1. NBN is coming [followed by a data range]

NBN is now trying to give more accurate updates about when homes can expect the network to be installed by offering a three month window when installation is expected. It is important to note that these dates can change, and it is more likely to be later than earlier.

2. Great news! Your area has NBN

As the message says, the NBN rollout has been completed in your neighbourhood and you should contact a service provider to activate a new NBN service.

3. The planned disconnection date of your existing service is [date range]

This message is associated with the ‘your area has NBN’ status and indicates how long you have before the old ADSL internet and home telephone services are disconnected. For more information about the copper network shutdown, click here.

4. Great news! Your area has Fibre

This is a far less common message and relates to areas where private companies have built fibre optic networks. These are not part of the NBN, and so you can only buy services through these companies. We will provide you with a phone number to help you get started.

We now the NBN can be a pretty confusing topic, and we’re always happy to help. Feel free to call our help centre and speak with a member of our team on 1300 157 884. We’re available Monday to Friday between 9:30am and 5pm.

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